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Prunella de Pedant

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Prunella de Pedant, Socialite and Etiquette Dab Hand. Prunella enjoys a cocktail and lazy days, observing people walk by her regular haunts - it feeds her writing.

MIEN Magazine (MM): Your style has been referred to as louche-tastic, is this how you would describe yourself?

Prunella de Pedant (PDP): How saucy, but curiously sweet. Perhaps there is an air of mystery about me, but I have never heard a word of disrepute.

MM: How does Prunella de Pedant’s day begin?

PDP: I have a daily routine, which starts with my stretches - it’s good for body and mind. Then the day becomes quite active: breakfast, walk the dog, attend to my correspondence, and my ritual of ablutions - that’s my ‘me time’ and it’s when I do some of my best thinking.

MM: You always look so glamourous, how do you keep it up?

PDP: Why thank you, how very kind. I always find it helpful to lay out my outfit the evening before. This includes accessories and makeup. A lady never reveals too much.

MM: Any advice for the sartorially challenged?

PDP: Always. I’ll share a few basic tips, which could come in handy: Accessories are key, shirts must always be pressed, shoes always polished. For goodness sake, leave the trainers at home and try not to wear tracksuits outside the gymnasium. We’ve become too casual, it’s important to look good. That ensures we feel good, too.

MM: So how does an etiquette dab hand spend her day?

PDP: Basically, I watch people and make observations about how society has changed. It’s constantly changing. These days, I see young chaps running amok with trousers falling beneath their bottoms and young ladies with their navels showing. It can be most unsightly.

MM: Have you given up on modern manners?

PDP: Not entirely, but sometimes I feel that society is broken and etiquette has seen its day. Perhaps this is alarmist, and there are times when I believe this more than others. But this is where my vocation comes in, and a lot needs to be sorted. Not to worry, I’ll get my hands on these little pretties.

Interview conducted at the Wolseley in London.

Illustration by [1] Toby Triumph

Do you have any questions for Prunella? You can email her at prunella@mienmagazine.com or connect with her on [2] Facebook and [3] Twitter.

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