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Have baggage? Put it to good use!

Posted By admin On April 3, 2011 @ 1:21 pm In Travel | 2 Comments

by Katie Antoniou

With holiday budgets still squeezed tighter than a corset, many of us may not be putting our well-loved luggage to good use this year. But not to fear, the creative residents of the interweb have found a myriad of ways to convert your old trunk into something beautiful AND useful!

If you don’t already own any old hatboxes, cases or trunks, have a rummage at any good carboot sale, or on eBay, or even at your local re-use centre; people often dump vintage luggage as they don’t consider it practical- no wheels on cases and often quite heavy. I actually have two leather cases, lined with a lovely printed fabric that were both free from a re-use centre.

Here are some of our favourite cases of ‘Make do and Mend’:

Photo [2] source

Turn an old case into a writing station- or whatever your chosen craft is-relining a case and adding a few partitions is terribly easy and leaves you with a useful way of organising your materials- or a perfect gift for someone.

Photo [4] source

ReCreate specialises in turning old luggage into new furniture, filling the cases with stuffing and upholstering to make seats or adding legs to make tables. You can find a number of craftspeople who convert cases into cosy pet beds too, [5] Etsy is a good place to look.

This [6] compilation of suitcase ideas also shows another Esty creative’s work, turning a small vanity case into a bathroom cabinet-complete with lightbulbs installed! One for the more advanced upcycler..

If you have a number of suitcases that are the same size, you could turn them into a chest of drawers…


Photo [9] source

You can often find large, old steamer trunks on ebay, which can be converted into wonderfully bespoke wardrobes, with lots of drawers and compartments for all your accessories.

Luxury vintage boutique [10] Atelier Mayer has installed a ‘Fashion Trunk’ in [11] Berkeley Hotel in London, full of all your dream vintage accessories, from jewellery to gloves,headpieces and handbags. The trunk itself is crafted by Norton MacCollough & Locke, and curated by Atelier Mayer who fill it with luxuries dating from the Victorian era to the 90s. It comes free with the Feature suites of the hotel, so you can borrow anything from the case for your night out-if only all hotels offered this sort of service!


Photo [13] source
What’s old is new again; A dusty piece of luggage can make for a wonderful new trunk or your own vanity box. Absolutely inspiring!

Top photo [14] source

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