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Where has the charm gone? MIEN is bringing it back...

Where has the charm gone? MIEN is bringing it back…

by Dana Gornitzki Albert Camus once said: "Charm is the way of getting the answer yes without asking a clear question." So very true, although it does seem that in our hurried lives not many people are using their charm. It's so simple: a smile, saying please and thank you, waiting in a queue... Have manners disappeared or are the chaos and manic pace of our modern ways the main obstacles to a happy, relaxed and more charming existence?
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MIEN Magazine's Charm School pilot weekend

MIEN Magazine’s Charm School pilot weekend

Escape the digital world and retreat to a more genteel analogue sanctuary. Welcome to the inaugural pilot session of Charm School at West Lexham in the beautiful Norfolk countryside. The weekend will focus on the back to basics of etiquette: don’t think posh, think simplicity. Put away your mobiles and iPads as they will be replaced with a feather quill and beautiful stationery.
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