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It’s that time again: cocktail o’clock
It’s that time again: cocktail o’clock

by Prunella de Pedant

Another hectic week, with too much to do and too many people to see. Once the clock strikes noon, it’s perfectly acceptable - if not de rigeur - to enjoy a proper libation.

Whenever I need a spot of inspiration for my cocktail of choice, I turn to none other than the “Savoy Cocktail Book” - my vintage copy delights me with a plethora of lovely libations.

My pick for you today, fine people, is called the Perfect Cocktail.

The recipe is as follows:

1/3 French Vermouth

1/3 Italian Vermouth

1/3 Dry Gin

Shake well and strain into cocktail glass

It’s as simple as that and so delicious. Enjoy, but be very careful as this is one stiff drink. Enjoy, but never over-indulge - that would be most vulgar.

Cin cin!

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