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Winsome swimwear fashions for men and women (video)
Winsome swimwear fashions for men and women (video)

by Dana Gornitzki

It’s the height of summer in many parts of the world. For most gentlepeople, this means a little fun in the sun. A wee dip in the lido, a little frolic at the beach or perhaps an innocent piña colada at a charming swim-up bar. Splish-splash and sheer bliss.

Of course, it’s only polite to sport a stylish swimming costume for such affairs. The evolution of swimwear over the last century is so enjoyable - from full length costumes for wading in to itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polka-dot bikinis, tankinis, and James Bond swim trunks.

Take a little peek at this divine video showing us a few styles of bathing costumes over the years. A feast for the eyes of men and women running, swimming, diving, flirting…Hello, Summer!

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