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Welcome, Man Skirt?
Welcome, Man Skirt?

Here’s a way of making a first impression at a new job, gentlemen.

Say hello to your new friend, the man skirt.

Think of how dapper you'll look

Blimey, that's dapper!

What do you think? (Come on, be honest, you love the look!)

American designer Thom Browne may be leading the fashion pack into a new realm in men’s fashion (ahem!).

But dear Gents, don’t fall in love with this ensemble too quickly. It seems that metrosexuals far and wide have already lapped up the creations during an online sample sale (apparently) on the etailer Gilt Groupe website.

Consider yourself inspired, could this be a new look you chat about with your tailor? Hmmm….

Ooohhh, look at that derriere

Ooohhh, look at that derriere...

Source: Trend Hunter via Chic Report

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Dear M. de P.,
In the immortal words from etiquette guru, Gordon Ramsey, “oh Dear, oh Dear!”.

I have ‘had’ my fair share of classic tailors. I even remember when I was first asked, whilst a hard wooden ruler was placed squarely between my legs, “Do you prefer a low or high rise, sir?” At the age of 13, that is a daunting question. However, dear lady, at no age do the buttocks of the male gender begin to rival in any way the shape, form, or sculptural quality as those of the fairer sex. As a result of this sad but true natural phenomenon, men should never consider wearing skirts. Kilts are quite another matter and cut totally differently as well, and are to be considered quite separately. Why, if men were to suddenly shift from trousers to skirts, when would a young boy become a man if never having the opportunity to decide between taking the high road or the low? Your saucy follower, EG

  • jay Remer
  • 19 Aug, 2009
  • 2:58 am

My dear Monsieur EG
You are an amusing and delightful gentleman, and I concur with most of what you say.
However, I find myself laughing out loud - quite heartily, I might add - when referring to Monsieur Ramsey as an ‘etiquette guru’. Naturally, you jest because if this fine culinary gentleman uttered ‘oh Dear, oh Dear,’ it would be just before howling a few expletives (although I must admit, I do have a soft spot for him and can almost excuse his use of foul language). Monsieur Ramsey aside, I - like you - question gentlemen donning skirts (in droves, no less. And yes, kilts aside of course). Chin chin to classic tailors, and here’s to you my fine saucy follower. Warm regards, PDP

  • Prunella de Pedant
  • 19 Aug, 2009
  • 8:31 am

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