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A dapper journey: tweed-clad cyclists
A dapper journey: tweed-clad cyclists

A handsome group of 400 tweed-clad ladies and gents gathered in London this past weekend for a leisurely 14 mile journey across the city passing landmarks including Trafalgar Square, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace.

The spiffing cyclists donned fantastic tweed outfits to gather for Tweed Run 2010. More than just elegant tweed outfits and lovely dresses, some impressive moustaches were on display and quite a few cyclists even dared to multi-task and smoke pipes while on their bicycles (cheeky!).

In good old English fashion, the sartorial marvels stopped for a civilised tea break halfway through the journey and munched on sandwiches to refuel.

The Tweed Run was jolly good fun and very fashionable, indeed.

Here are some highlights from the afternoon:

Jacqui Shannon, co-organiser of the Tweed Run

Ramiro Camelo is a tweed enthusiast

Matt Churchill (2nd from left) thinks that tweed should never be fancy dress

Video via Swamibu

Header photo via ibikelondon’s Flickr

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