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Toilet training for men
Toilet training for men

Seat up or seat down? Not an uncommon debate when it comes to male urination (we know, not the most savoury of topics).

Unfortunate post-urination aftermath includes side splashing or even residue on the ground, and an unpleasant mess to clean up.

So should we be surprised that some gents are opting to sit down while taking care of their business?

Look, no splash!

Look, no splash!

According to the Japan Times, more than half of Japanese men between 30 and 60 sit down to urinate. Who knew? This could be a very clever way of avoiding domestic upsets.

But fear no more: A bad aim may be a thing of the past if a new Japanese contraption sweetly called the Angels Knee Pillow catches on.

Already, the interweb is abuzz with feedback and delight.

Instead of sitting down, simply kneel.

No fuss, no muss. Actually, peeing looks quite fun and so very clean indeed.

Going number one is fun now!

Going number one is fun now!

Simply place the pillows in front of the toilet (or pillow if you invest in an “economy version”) and see how much better you feel, more proper even.

And the cost? The equivalent of just under £40 - not bad, not bad. Hello, Angel.

(Images via House Doctor)

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Dear M. de P. (no pun intended), One could never question your research abilities, now could one? This definitely keeps you on ‘hoot’ list! Fondly, EG

  • Jay Remer
  • 11 Aug, 2009
  • 9:04 pm

Dear Monsieur EG, how very amusing. I cannot take credit for the research or the idea, but it is rather innovative and - dare I say - quite civilised. It also pleases me that you think I’m a ‘hoot’!

  • Prunella de Pedant
  • 12 Aug, 2009
  • 5:03 pm

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