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The White Stuff: a festive gift guide for stationery fans
The White Stuff: a festive gift guide for stationery fans

by Katie Antoniou

I don’t know whether it’s just that I’m getting old or the novelty factor of paper goods in a digital age, but I’m becoming more and more obsessed with stationery. Nothing gets my ink running quite like some old school erasers, beautifully covered notebooks, customised stamps or, best of all-real mail in the post. Lucky for me and anyone else suffering from a similar fetish, there’s now a plethora of retail experts and artists catering to our craving for the white stuff.

Mail from Present and Correct

Paper goods a plenty are supplied by Present and Correct, a fantastically stylish site dedicated to office supplies with a retro vibe. Brilliant packaging like this Christmas cracker full of rubbers, stamps and a merry Christmas pencil knock regular crackers out of the water. These snow globe stamps are a great stocking filler.

Pedlars also stock a great range of luxury rubber bands and paperclips, for the most glamorous of desks.

Invest in personalised stamps for you and your other half, or perhaps your parents, or gift one for any Christmas weddings you have coming up.

Nancy and Betty sell this extremely limited edition set of postcard bunting-wonderfully Christmassy but also totally original and perfect for tinsel-haters.

If all you really want is something to open that’s Not Another Bill, then this company does what it says on the tin. Receive a surprise present every month or gift the scheme to a friend who needs some cheering up. You can read my interview with founder Ned here.

One of my biggest extravagances of the year is getting my Christmas cards handmade by Alice Gabb-these are the design I had last year. Totally worth it.

If mail really gets you worked up then you’ll want to invest in one of these beautiful Airmail prints by Alice Hoult for The Print Club London.

You always hear experts advising people to keep a notepad by the bed to record thoughts last thing at night, or ideas that come to you in the wee hours, or even details of dreams-this Goodnight pad is perfect for the night-time scribbler.

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