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The Olympics: Never a better time to be polite and genteel

Posted By admin On July 27, 2012 @ 1:42 pm In Pastiche, Social | No Comments

In case you’ve not been on the interwebs, watching the news, reading a newspaper or walking on the streets: the Olympics kick off in London today. The [1] bells have already rung here in Blighty and we are ready to go.

Yes, it will take longer to get everywhere and we will be far cosier with more gentlepeople about. However, here at MIEN headquarters, we refuse to be curmudgeonly. It is time to embrace the Olympic spirit. People from all over the world are in one place together to compete for their countries, while so many are cheering and supporting - at stadia or virtually.

It is a beautiful thing, is it not?  So, let us take this opportunity to be kind and polite. Say hello, welcome, excuse me (if you’ve done something wrong) and enjoy this incredible moment.

This is exactly why it is the perfect time to invite you - our lovely gentlereaders - to share mannerly gestures from your own cultures and locales.  Why not learn how to be warm-hearted and courteous in other languages?

We will post a few examples to begin with and then invite you to do the same.

Simply, take a photograph with the word (i.e.; thank you, thumbs up, awesome) and appropriate gesture if necessary (and don’t be cheeky!), then email it to us at info@mienmagazine.com. Please include your name, language and location. You can take a photograph with your camera phone, webcam or regular camera - just make sure the resolution is high enough that we can feature it here on [2] MIEN Magazine. Please feel free to include a couple of people to demonstrate an action or word that requires more than two people - let’s make this exercise in politeness an enjoyable one.

Welcome, bienvenue, aloha, shagotom, svāgat, baruch haba and benvenuti!

And ps we’ll be on [3] Twitter and [4] Facebook with #mienolympics

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