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The etiquette of holiday greetings
The etiquette of holiday greetings

By Dana Gornitzki

It’s that festive time of the year – you can just feel the merriment and that lovely sense of nostalgia in the air.

In this modern age, we still love to stick to our traditions - we all have them, and it’s possibly that one time of the year where we reach out to our friends and family.

Sending an e-card is never the same. Getting a digital card, email or text cannot replace the pleasure of receiving a hand-written card.

There are no hard or fast rules when it comes to writing a card, but lovely paper, writing a sweet message on stationery is something that’s truly special - something we can keep, hang on the tree or display on the mantle.

Of course, we need to consider many things when choosing a note. Regardless of faith or beliefs, everyone loves getting a note (we have such few occasions to receive beautiful personal notes).

A few things to consider when it comes to the etiquette or festive notes:

-    If you’re going to send a note by post, make sure you send it in good time. The postal service often has printed cut-off dates so make sure to note those down

-    When you pick your notes, make sure you get a small selection, as Christmas cards may not be appropriate for every person you’re sending to.

-    There are some rules when it comes to addressing couples, but our modern age forgives those rules as we’ve become more casual (in this case, a very good thing indeed). So, if you are sending to a couple, make sure to include both names as they should share the pleasure.
-    Humour is what makes life so enjoyable, but it may not be entirely appropriate for every person you’re sending to. Granny and Grandpa should probably get more tasteful notes than a close friend or your partner.

-    If you’re not posting your note, then make sure it’s personal for any gift you may be including with your card.

-    If you are the recipient of a lovely little note, then proudly display the cards and enjoy them.

-    This is a magical time of the year and should be enjoyed, no matter if you celebrate Christmas, Chanukah or Festivus (for the rest of us).

-    A few simple little reminders in social graces - notes should be relished whether you give or receive. This is, after all, the most wonderful time of the year!

Happy holidays, everyone!

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