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Table manners by Emily Post (moving picture)
Table manners by Emily Post (moving picture)

by Dana Gornitzki

What does a correctly set place look like? How much silver should we lay out? (oh, just the thought makes the heart flutter) What is the proper way to eat soup? And is it correct to cut your salad with a knife?

Of course, do not dare to lick your knife (EVER) and make sure to eat as quietly as possible - these are basic and proper manners.

Etiquette maven Emily Post sheds some insight on table manners in this charming and most genteel short moving picture from 1947:

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I was searching for a website that had information on what each thing was in the table setting. I found a website that I thought was very helpful. It is

I hope it will help others too.

  • Melito
  • 31 Dec, 1969
  • 4:00 pm

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