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Slumbering in style

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As the long winter nights draw in and the temperature drops, early bedtimes and late lie-ins become ever more appealing. Night time attire and ‘loungewear’ has got a bad rep recently with the whole ‘onesie’ fad, but there are plenty of ways to stay stylish whilst lounging around in your pyjamas- simply look to times gone by for inspiration.

Poplin has embraced the vintage glamour of old movie stars, naming their designs after different actresses- the [1] Audrey classic pyjamas are amongst our favourites. The [2] Bardot pyjamas and [3] short nightshirt are also timeless wardrobe staples. There isn’t a nightshirt version of the Audrey design, but [4] Oysho makes something similar.



If you like your bedclothes really traditional, you won’t find anything better than [7] the Sleep Shirt- pioneering ‘19th century design- modern comfort’ for both men and women, and with different length options available for shirts.


Two of our favourite online companies specialise in winter warmers- and with names like [9] Hush and [10] Toast, you can tell they know what they’re doing. [11] Hush’s polka-dot nightshirt is wonderfully comfortable and affordable- their[12] blog makes an excellent read too. Toast have taken nightwear to new heights of luxury with this [13] cashmere knitted dress- definitely one you wouldn’t mind answering the door in, or even popping to the shops for a pint of milk.

Equally wonderfully named is the company ‘Good Morning Beautiful’ which does what it says on the tin- who wouldn’t fancy throwing on one of these [14] gorgeous kimono style dressing gowns first thing in the morning?
And finally, back to Audrey- we couldn’t write a piece about bedtime style without referencing Hepburn’s famous Breakfast at Tiffany’s scene, which you can recreate with the help of Talulah Blue on Etsy. She’s replicated [15] Audrey’s iconic blue sleeping mask and tassel ear plugs. Perfect for sleepovers or even for getting some decent shut-eye on a plane journey.



For more lovely sleep tips and slumber inspiration, take a peek at [18] http://artofsleep.tumblr.com/

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