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MIEN adores stationery
MIEN adores stationery

We all love a fresh start. Which is why, even though our student days are long gone, we still jump on board the ‘back to school’ bandwagon every September. We like to see it as a warm-up for January; the chance to practise some resolution-making, diary-keeping and general leaf-turning.

And what better to aid you than some new desk candy? There’s been a real backlash against the digital movement with dedicated stationery suppliers popping up all over the place; Present and Correct is one of our favourites, delivering a tirelessly sourced range of retro writing instruments.

No-one does back-to-school chic quite like the French- we love these animal ‘cahiers’ from Pedlars, or splash out on something more sophisticated with this hardback, fabric-covered white and gold journal from Quill (pictured in head image).

The all-weather notebook from Labour & Wait is another best-seller, particularly amongst those working outdoors, from police to deliverymen. It’s even been taken on British Antarctic expeditions.

Of course if you do insist on doing all your writing on a computer, that can do with some loving too. Objects of Use is a wonderful shop in Oxford specialising in all manner of brushes- this computer brush will keep those crumbs off your keyboard. They also have some wonderful stationery and office supplies.

For some ultimate playground nostalgia, get a whiff of these scented pens- even the most ominous to-do list is sweetened by doughnut-scented ink!

Or if you’re a traditionalist, opt for the trusty pencil; author Ben Johncock recently wrote this ode to the humble pencil:

”There’s something unique and wonderful about writing in pencil. You feel a closer connection to the words as you put them down. Your fingers are grubby with lead; it gets in your nostrils; long furls peel from the sharpener, piling up as you write. I love the resolve that accompanies a freshly sharpened pencil; the added precision of those first hundred or so words. And the more words you write, the smaller your pencil gets. What better measure of progress?”

We love these handy ‘Know it all’ pencils from Present and Correct. Buy in conjunction with this assorted mix of erasers- after all, we’re only human, so we may make a few mistakes along the way!

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