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Is burping after a meal bad manners?
Is burping after a meal bad manners?

by Prunella de Pedant

As a traditionalist, I would lean towards saying yes - absolutely. To make a burp or belch even worse, select not-so gentlepeople tend to punctuate the horrific sound with a giggle or chuckle. Sometimes, our bodies just take over and a sound is hard to control. So, if you must (or already have), then the key is to apologise and move on.

If you find that your tummy is sore or you are too full, then excuse yourself from the table and take a drink of water so your body can have a little rest. Perhaps, you have had too much to eat or drink; or maybe the food does not agree with you. Listen to your tummy (and not your eyes) - take a break from eating so that you can control any further burping.

It should be noted that there are some countries that find a post-meal burp agreeable and a sign of satiety. This is the case in some part of India, Turkey and the Middle East.

If uncertain, lean towards a more conservative approach and refrain from belching. It’s best to express your gratitude to your host by saying thank you or - if you are quite hungry - ask for a second serving. But don’t be greedy, make sure to share with others.

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