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Hello, how do you do? Charmed to meet you.

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As we promised, here is our news about our newest venture to delight, to educate, and to remind us all that we still need to mind our Ps and Qs.

Here are the full details we’ve been sending in the form of a digital missive. Please spread the word and come join us for a tea and lesson, it would please us greatly.

On September 14th, [1] The Charm School is popping up  in a space on Exmouth Market in London.

From September 14 to September 22, the modern-day charm school will be hosted by Mistress of Manners, Dana Gornitzki, Editor of [2] MIEN Magazine along with a team of social graces specialists.

Last year MIEN Magazine presented [3] The Parlour to rave reviews from press and public alike, and this year’s Charm School has already been recommended by [4] The Guardian.

“The idea behind our new modern-day charm school is to show just how relevant social graces are in our fast-paced modern world,” says Dana Gornitzki. “At the [1] Charm School, we invite people to learn practical skills from experts in a social and fun environment. Often, there is a bit of cringe-factor when the word ‘etiquette’ comes into play. However, posture, basic life skills such as home economics, and making a good impression are just as important as ever. Here, we want to make learning enjoyable, accessible and relevant in the busy lives we lead.”

During the day, the Charm School will be the perfect place to come read a book, enjoy tea and treats, write letters (or in your journal!), peruse art and other anecdotes left by visitors, or have a relaxed chat away from the busy streets of the city.

On select afternoons and evenings, the Charm School will feature a variety of “after-school” activities for grown-ups: an assortment of delightful happenings including sewing, posture tutorials, de-stressing clinics, soothing stretches, recipe exchanges and more.

Most importantly, the Charm School will be free of mobile telephones, computers and modern-day gadgets, making time for quality, face-to-face conversations and activities.

The Charm School will partially be furnished by [5] ReStore – a north London community project that aids people in need. So, for those who want to take a piece of the Charm School home with them, some of the furniture will be for sale with all proceeds going to ReStore.

The Charm School will be welcoming visitors from September 14 - 22, 2011 at [6] 18 Exmouth Market, London, EC1R 4QE

Charm School is curated and hosted by MIEN Magazine with the support of [7] Meanwhile Space.

A taster of the workshops and activities at the Charm School (and click[8] here for full details):

* Master the art of walking in high heels with the shoe addict and style guru [9] Bethanie Lunn, author of The Modern Girl’s Guide To Fabulousness

* Tea-time lounge session on the benefits of escaping to the countryside (plus a few tips for survival) with [10] Jessica Fellowes, author of  Mud and the City: Dos and Don’ts for Townies in the Country

* Posture tutorials – walk straight and correctly with Corinne Curtis of [11] Fitness Inspiration

* “Shaken, not stirred” - a masterclass on mixing the perfect martini with Esnayder Cuartas, cocktail guru and proprietor of [12] Sabor

* Learn the art of table talk and perfect the tips with onsite practice with Dana Gornitzki, Mistress of Manners, [2] MIEN Magazine

* How to stay charming and cool when under pressure – a workshop on understanding the causes of modern-day stress and how to combat it. With Paula Ruane of the[13] Juggling Goddess

* DIY Home Economics: exchange recipes at the Charm School

* Vintage Style Concierge with Lena Weber, Editor of the [14] Vintage Guide to London

* Make your own stationery with [15] Alice Gabb, illustrator and lover of all things paper

* Sleep clinic: bedtime routines with Katie Antoniou, sleep expert and founder of [16] Art of Sleep. Accompanied by soothing and rejuvenating stretches led by Dana Gornitzki, MIEN Magazine. Served with milk and cookies.

...and more…Further details listed in the [8] Charm School’s schedule

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