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Genteel Spending Tips In Tough Times
Genteel Spending Tips In Tough Times

by Prunella de Pedant

No one likes a vulgar type, you know — a person who flashes money or luxurious objects around in public. It’s awfully unrefined and particularly unacceptable when times are tough.

Now, more than ever, is the time to practise a sense of modesty. You may, in fact, find that it’s quite in vogue to downplay consumption or restrict activities associated with ‘bling’.

Spendthrift much more chic than Swagarrer in current climate

Spendthrift has more cachet than swagger in the current climate

On one hand, you don’t want to stop spending, but you also don’t want to appear ‘in your face’ - as some might put it. Take a deep breath and put away the couture, remove any signs of labels, and hide anything too shiny or sparkly while you’re at it.

Think downmarket. Practise thrift, not excess.

There’s no need to overdo it. Just use common sense and hush up the obvious signs of spending. Just remember this is no time for showing off, in fact quite the opposite. It’s polite, and correct, to remain demure.

And, if you do give into temptation, tucking into your wallet for something new, make sure you remain discreet. A braggart is never popular, no less during a credit crunch.

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