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Eton Mess: the perfect summer dessert
Eton Mess: the perfect summer dessert

by Dana Gornitzki

Here at MIEN, we adore the summer and the good weather that the season brings (or at least, what we hope for - the weather in the British isles does keep one on their toes). Few foods scream English louder than a good old Eton Mess. Pure heaven!

One of life’s greatest pleasures is sharing food. And it seems that no matter how old we get, dessert (or shall I say pudding?) seems to be even more sinfully delightful in the company of others - especially when the creation is a group effort.

Here is our very own simple recipe for the Eton Mess, a quintessentially English dessert that traditionally features strawberries, cream and meringue. A glass of bubbly or tea will be the perfect accompanying beverage - all depends on your mood.


The recipe is not only easy, but a fantastic hit at any picnic or dinner party.

10-12 meringue shells (store-bought is perfectly fine or try making them on your own at home)

Mixed berries - a lovely combination of strawberries, blueberries and raspberries is ideal (2 or 3 punnets - the more the better)

One pint of double cream for whipping

- Crush meringues in a bowl

- Whip the double cream until stiff and then fold into bowl with crushed meringues (leave a few good table spoons)

- Wash and cut the berries into small bite-sized chunks

- Mix with meringues and cream until you get a lovely mess of flavours (you’ll know the perfect amount of berries once you start the mixing process - leave a few berries to decorate the top of the dessert

- Once your mixture is complete, then take the leftover cream and neatly spread on top of your mess

- Decorate the top with the rest of your berries (we made a beautiful heart shape on ours)

- Serve in small clear glasses (so pretty) or even more delightful in vintage tea cups

And voila, there is your Eton Mess. Ravishing to look at and simply delicious.


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