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The manners virus…pass it on
The manners virus…pass it on

A little birdie told us (okay, we heard a tweet on the interweb) that a group in the Americas is promoting Etiquette Week. It sounds right up our alley, and we hope you too will embrace the spirit of this special celebration.

What could be more appropriate in paying homage to Etiquette Week than spreading the sentiments of kindness, civility and good manners?

We’ll be tantalising you with more tidbits on social graces and look forward to hearing from you, too. Please tell us:

What are your manners pet peeves?

Or has someone done something outstanding lately - given up their seat on the bus, maybe chased you with flowers - that you’d like share?

Come on, share with us. Rant. Rave. And chin chin to a successful Etiquette Week.

(Editor’s Note: Only a couple of weeks into our soft launch, there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes. Read more about us and our plans here. And - of course - thank you for your patience. We heart you and look forward to hearing your feedback and suggestions.)

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