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Basic Mobile Telephone Manners (film)

Posted By admin On October 28, 2013 @ 9:24 am In Social, Style, Travel | 5 Comments

By Dana Gornitzki

Hello, dear reader, will you please turn your ringer off? And please stop sending text messages while we’re at it - we’re trying to have a conversation.That’s better, thank you.

The film below covers a few basic tips on how to be more polite when using your mobile telephone. It’s not rocket science, it’s simple and courteous conduct.

We know and love the mobile phone, and relish the flexibility and convenience it offers. We just want to rid the world of deplorable mobile phone etiquette: people shouting into their phones, answering in our company, or using it in potentially dangerous situations (ie; driving or cycling). Yes, be gone now and forever.

And we know we’re not alone on this one. [1] These gentlewomen and gentlemen have set up their very own site on the interweb discussing handy tips and faux pas.

Of course, we’re not amused by rude mobile phone behaviour…but [2] going to prison? Well, this seems a pinch extreme, but it’s a tactic currently being considered in India, where a reported 277 million phone users natter away - many too piercing, it seems.

Ah yes, we dream of an end to crass and vulgar use of the mobile telephone..but softly, softly.

If you’re polite (and we hope you are), then we’re sure you know someone you can share this with - you know, that chum or colleague who is a touch too loud or addicted to their mobile phone.

And yes, yes, that’s fine, you can turn your phone back on now. Vibrate mode, please.

Are rude mobile phone users a pet peeve of yours? Or is it you, dear reader, who is a pinch boorish with your mobile phone? (Shame on you, by the way). Please share your thoughts by commenting below.

(*originally posted on April 15, 2009)

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