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The smell of romance
The smell of romance

By Dana Gornitzki

Sniff dating may just be the key to finding a heady romance (sorry, couldn’t be helped).

It may not be terribly voguish to think of romance as scientific, but it seems that scent may be the perfect way of sniffing out the ideal partner (naughty, naughty, we’ve done it again).

So, compatibility by body odour? It comes down to science, according to, a scent-matching website (yes):

“A person’s scent is decisive for whether we find that person atttractive or not. Whether there’s «chemistry» between us is evident only through actual personal contact.”

Scent matching is how the Gentlepeople at the dating website claim they can match possible lovebirds in the Cyberworld: “[It] enables you to compare your scent profile with that of your internet acquaintance. That the nose and brain evaluate the scent of other persons and that the genes play an important role in the choice of a partner is scientifically proven. The scent profiles of two individuals are best suited to one another if their genes complement each other optimally.”

Clearly, not a good scent match

Clearly, not a good scent match

Simply fill in your very own scent profile, and Bob’s your uncle - love is right under your nose!

Golly, they may just be on to something…

Perfumer George Dodd wrote (on the Guardian’s dating website) that  “our personal portfolio of smell receptors will like the body odour of some partners more than others”.

Attraction, values, interests, timing . . . and now smell, too.

Love just got more complicated, sniff sniff.

Source: Basisnote via Trend Hunter

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Dear M. de P.,
It distresses me sometimes to state the obvious, but our canine companions have shown us this important ‘ritual’ since they started sniffing around our campfires. Perhaps they know something we don’t. I’m not suggesting we mimic them per se, but our sensors are indeed keen. Praise be to Chanel. The energy devoted to this research is staggering in my humble opinion. This proves the principle that there truly is a bum for every seat. Your devoted follower, EG

  • jay Remer
  • 25 Feb, 2011
  • 11:01 am

Dearest Monsieur EG
This past Friday, I was enjoying a cocktail on a terrace with a friend. We remarked on the very boldness of dogs to sniff areas of each other that gentlepeople dare not. Perhaps, this would make life and complicated matters of romance so much easier to solve - although, an unsavoury thought. I echo your praise to Chanel, and the notion behind ’scent profiling’ especially if it produces more love matches between gentlepeople.
Yours fondly, and a sucker for romance

  • Prunella de Pedant
  • 25 Feb, 2011
  • 12:55 pm

The human cheekbone area exudes a scent which we unconsciously receive as being attractive … or not. Which is why there is so much kissy-face at the start of a relationship.
Yours, another Sucker For Romance.

  • Ann O’Dyne
  • 27 Feb, 2011
  • 1:33 am

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