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Oh look, MIEN Magazine’s ‘Alpha’ phase is blooming
Oh look, MIEN Magazine’s ‘Alpha’ phase is blooming

By Dana Gornitzki

Hello, welcome back. It’s nice to see you. Are you noticing something new, rather refreshed to the look of MIEN Magazine?

Well, we hope so! It’s taken a little bit of time, but the ‘Alpha’ phase is here to thank and learn from (not to mention blame - yes). Dear gentlereaders, isn’t this what testing is all about? And isn’t patience such a superb virtue?

We hope these tweaks and changes are subtle yet effective and delightful:

- A fancy new little navigation bar.

- More accessible tabs at the top (’above the fold’ in modern tech speak) so you can find the information you’re looking for.

- The introduction of new areas (with some more details to come) and new little widgets.

- Most importantly, a revised layout to give more prominence to photographs and - in time - more multi-media features.

So, we’re making headway with the esthetic and modern functionalities.

Most importantly, MIEN Magazine’s aim and desire is to dedicate ourselves (you included, kind gentlereader behind the screen)  passionately to social graces and the place they have in today’s society (and what we long for from yesteryear).

Continue to watch this space, and - go on - don’t be afraid to speak up. Snail mail is even more charming.

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