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Is chivalry dead? Take this poll…
Is chivalry dead? Take this poll…

By Dana Gornitzki

Move over courtly love (puhlease, that’s so dated). Or are you an incurable romantic who still believes in chivalry? We’re not talking about knights in shining armour, just a dash of old school romance.

Go on, Gentlepeople, take this poll and let us know what you think. Feel free to add your own genteel option (nothing saucy!)…

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[...] go take a peek - and vote if you haven’t already - to see if you gentlereaders believe if chivalry is dead or alive (you can probably guess what we’re hoping [...]

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  • 10 Aug, 2009
  • 2:05 pm

Dear M. de P.,
I think the problem today may perhaps lie with the fact that from a strict protocol perspective, women take precedence over men, even in our male dominated society. Men lack the ability to connect the dots required to play second fiddle and be the boss too. Doing the correct thing needs to be its own reward in order for these gentle men to see how this all works. With luck this skill will return. Like good cream, it will eventually rise to the top. One must remember that men are from Mars as such are wired differently than the fairer gender. Perhaps reading Oscar Wilde in grammar school would have an affect? Fondest wishes, EG

  • jay Remer
  • 15 Aug, 2009
  • 12:40 am

Dearest Monsieur EG
Reading Oscar Wilde in one’s early years sounds so very charming. As for today’s problems of gentlemen vs gentlewomen, I am not sure we have enough hours in the day to discuss. It’s more a matter of our evolving times and uncertain gender roles - not really who takes precedence. The crux of this issue may lie in the fact that collectively we’ve pushed for change and progess in some ways, and then want other things to stay the same (I may be guilty of this, too). The notion of courtly love as it once existed is lovely and romantic, and strikes a chord with many. It’s not surprising that most respondents to our little survey above feel like chivalry (or the modern essence of it) is merely taking a nap. Let’s hope.
With warm wishes

  • Prunella de Pedant
  • 16 Aug, 2009
  • 12:43 pm

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