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How to impress girls at a dance: advice from 1530
How to impress girls at a dance: advice from 1530

It seems the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Here are a few very useful tips for decorum at a dance. It’s true that passing gas, a dribbling mouth and rabies have never been too charming - in 1530 or in the present day. Call us old-fashioned.

Please take note before you ask the lady to check her dance card:

“Furthermore never fart when you are dancing; grit your teeth and compel your arse to hold back the fart… Do not have a dripping nose and do not dribble at the mouth. No woman desires a man with rabies. And refrain from spitting before the maidens, because that makes one sick and even revolts the stomach.  If you spit or blow your nose or sneeze, remember to turn your head away after the spasm; and remember not to wipe your nose with your fingers; do it properly with a white handkerchief. Do not eat either leeks or onions because they leave an unpleasant odour in the mouth.”

Antonius Arena, Leges dansandi (1530)

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