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First date etiquette. Who should pay?
First date etiquette. Who should pay?

By Dana Gornitzki

Much has changed in the modern world of etiquette, but dating - particularly the first date - still raises many questions for gentlewomen and gentlemen alike.

Victoria Namkung, a gentlewoman who pens the website My Very Worst Date, recently commented in the Huffington Post on how this very topic is a “hot-button issue”.

Indeed, the world of modern romance attracts all sorts of opinions, particularly now that gentlepeople often encounter each other first in a digital setting.

You know that dating “rules” have changed if Peter Post - great grandson of etiquette guru Emily Post - proclaims that “the person who does the asking does the paying”.

Now, your turn to vote:

And, while you are exercising your democratic right, join your fellow gentlereaders in declaring whether chivalry is dead or alive. You can probably guess what we’re hoping for.

*originally posted on August 10, 2009

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to avoid being sexist, they should split the bill, and if they go have a \’nightcap\’ together, than he should refund her half. this should make those with a sense of humour laugh. unless of course your are too PC

  • eric
  • 12 Nov, 2009
  • 6:54 am

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