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Starlite Urban Drive-In
Starlite Urban Drive-In

by Dana Gornitzki

Summer air, an open field, a Cadillac or vintage open top convertible, diner food, and - if the night goes well - a little canoodling in the car. Ah, the pleasures of a drive-in movie theatre. Perhaps, a throwback to the 50’s (or a scene out of Grease), the drive-in is merely a fantasy to those out of the Americas where the theatres are still very popular.

Now, thanks to creative maestro Damian Barr, urban dwellers can enjoy the fantasy of the drive-in experience in the heart of the city and all you have to do is turn up. No driving, no parking. Perfection.

Welcome the Starlite Urban Drive in, which launched in London at the Truman Brewery on Brick Lane on July 2nd for two nights with screenings of Dirty Dancing and Grease. Forget driving or being stripped of the pleasure of imbibing. Starlite features: cosy new cars to cuddle up in (loaned from Volvo), big screen, soundtrack in the car (just like at the drive-in we’ve been to or dreamt about), and retro waitresses on roller skates to order snacks from.

No speed limits or finding the perfect parking spot are just a couple of the perks. Here are a few more, along with social graces to remember that make the new urban drive-in such a treat:

- You can sip on cocktails because there’s no driving (enjoyable, but all in moderation - naturally)

- You don’t have to drive to the urban drive-in (adore and very modern)

- You don’t have to fight for a parking spot because cars are pre-parked (more enjoyable)

- Only two people per car for a lovely and cosy drive-in experience (as it should be). Sit in the front or cuddle in the back of the car (meow).

- And for goodness’ sake: paws off the horn and feet off the dashboard. Manners, people, manners!

Although tickets for the launch weekend sold out in just two minutes, this is only the beginning for Starlite. Join the Facebook group for latest news and locations, and take a peek at the handsome Starlite website for updates too.

A few photographs from the opening of the Starlite Urban Drive-In:

Damian Barr, creator of the new Starlite Urban Drive-In

Entering the first Starlite Drive-In, in the heart of London's east end

Before the show at the Starlite preview

Let the show begin! At the Starlite preview

And for old time’s sake, a little intermission film from a vintage drive-in:

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