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MIEN Magazine presents the modern-day Charm School
MIEN Magazine presents the modern-day Charm School

by Dana Gornitzki

As all promises should be kept, we’re sticking to our pledge of bringing back charm school.

“CHARM school”, you say? Why, yes, charm school. A modern-day charm school.

Don’t think posh finishing school, don’t you dare. Very much the contrary, our polite academy is like no other: it’s been designed to fit busy and fast-paced contemporary lives where both men and women need to slow down, learn and share, understand life skills, and just enjoy going back to basics…not to mention, just be charming and make a winsome impression.

Think after-school activities for grown-ups, where you will enrich your mind and enjoy yourself in the fine company of others seeking to trade the hustle and bustle for more genteel pursuits. Perhaps, even over a cup of tea or an innocent libation.

After the Charm School’s pilot weekend at the glorious West Lexham in Norfolk, we’re launching in London with a week of polite learning and a dose of frolic in a dashing pop up location.

Activities will include letter-writing, a focus on domestic skills, a touch of craftiness, a look at our style, and much much more.

More details are just around the corner, but here a few details to tickle your curiousity:

When are we kicking off? Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When does the pop up end? Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where? A central location London, to be revealed very soon

What? Many charming and genteel activities and workshops

How much? Will vary, all details arriving imminently. Patience!

And remember: Please leave your mobile telephones on silent and off the table and tuck away any modern gadgetry - all of this will be forbidden.

And don’t forget to stand up straight! Please.

Much more in store, both in London and away locations…just watch this space.

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I love this idea! I think as a society a lot has been lost in this fast paced life, and its definitely a worthwhile cause to teach people these values again.

The only down side is that these classes aren’t available in South Africa.

  • Colin
  • 02 Nov, 2011
  • 2:59 pm

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