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MIEN Easter
MIEN Easter

by Katie Antoniou

Here at MIEN,  we’re big fans of written correspondence, and whilst there are still a lot of people who send Christmas cards, the Easter card seems to have been almost forgotten. How are we supposed to get children interested in cards when there’s chocolate to be had? Easter eggs to be hunted?

The humble greeting card doesn’t stand much of a chance.

What I would love to receive even more than an Easter Greeting card, is a little piece of history- like this set of antique Easter postcards, two postmarked 1913.

I love reading the inscriptions on old correspondence; I guess it’s my equivalent to reality TV - a chance to catch a glimpse inside other people’s lives.

Here’s an even older postcard from the 1800s- I love the painted imagery and the Easter message

Easter fashion used to be very important providing a chance to show off new Spring fashions, especially bonnets and hats.

The celebration of children and new life is a constant theme in vintage Easter cards, as in the wonderful artwork in these two examples:

Do you think there is still a place for Easter cards, or would you rather just be given a creme egg?!

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