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Do you find yourself staring in disgust at people yelling into their mobile phones in public? Wishing you could say something to that person who didn’t thank you when you opened the door for them?

We can relate.

Some people might call us curmudgeonly, but we like to think we are nostalgic, nostalgic for good manners.

It often feels as if life in the modern age is one great dash to the finish, and that a peaceful moment is hard to find.

What happened to writing a love letter or thank you note and sending it by post? It’s a practice that has become a lost art (although we hope it hasn’t disappeared completely). Nowadays, all communication seems to be by text, email or instant messaging or even a tweet. Is this what life has come to?

These are the types of issues we’ll address (and hopefully rectify) in MIEN Magazine, and we hope you will join us by embracing our penchant for a traditional and – dare we say – more civilised way of living.

MIEN Magazine’s ultimate desire is to explore social graces, embrace old customs (and perhaps challenge some from time to time) though a multitude of eyes and ears -  not to wag our fingers while declaring what’s right or wrong. We want to showcase different voices and cultural perspectives, and make this a unique and enlightening experience - thank you for joining.