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Shhh, pretty please…it’s the Silent Cinema
Shhh, pretty please…it’s the Silent Cinema

We said shhhh (politely)…please be quiet, we’re trying to watch a film.

If you, too, are tired of the not-so-gentle whispers at the cinema or the oft-vulgar sound of popcorn chomping while you’re trying to focus on the screen (or maybe you’re the culprit - tsk tsk), fret no longer: Silent Cinema is the place for you.

Wear wireless headphones to watch classic films and feel free to laugh, crunch and scream as loud as you like - no one will be able to hear you! How very genteel and civilised, indeed.

For the next three weekends, Silent Cinema has popped up at the wonderful Deptford Project for 80s favourites, Horror Hits London and Cult Classics.

Three weekends of outdoor cinema are kicking off at The Deptford Project with screenings on 9/10/11/16/17/18/23/24/25 September.

Tickets start at £10. Seating and screen designed by resident designers, food and drink while you watch from The Train Carriage Cafe.

See the Deptford Project website for more details.

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