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Writers, poets and spoken word artists, oh my!
Writers, poets and spoken word artists, oh my!

The Richmond Literature Festival presents The Literary Salon – three weeks of the finest writers, poets and spoken word artists, all under one roof.

The Literary Salon invites you to spend some time browsing our exhibition or leaf through a book from our library while you put your feet up. We also like to hear your thoughts so grab a pen and get scribbling on our Q&A wall space – tell us a story, or a joke, or a poem…

The salon houses a programme of events and workshops for aspiring writers of all ages alongside an exhibition of photography and short films by a group of young people from the local travelling community. The groups have been working with artist Jon Robson and writer Ross Sutherland to create a bespoke exhibition detailing life as a young traveller.

Ross will also lead a series of workshops for school groups who have been invited to visit the salon throughout the festival. Young people from local primary and secondary schools will have the opportunity to write their own poems, scripts, or short stories, all of which will be displayed in the salon.

Events and workshops programme

Sunday 13th November – Ross Sutherland

3pm - Minibeast Factory: (for children)
Create your own little monsters with award-winning poet Ross Sutherland. (Head of a beetle! Body of a seagull!). Together, the group will design their creatures, then write poems about their adventures. For ages 5-10.

7pm - Poetry masterclass: (for adults)
Ross Sutherland (Times Top Ten Literary Star & Time Out Critics Choice of the Year) leads a master-class for poets of all ages. Each member brings one poem to workshop, or a favourite poem they’d like to discuss. Limited to 8 places. Participants can email their poems to Ross in advance.

Friday 18th November – Hannah Walker

7.30pm - Hannah Walker – This is Just to Say
This is just to say is an intimate conversation about saying sorry with an audience of 12 at a table.
This is just to say is a warm and engaging fusion of intimate performance and poetry in a welcoming environment, wherein you sit, have some wine, and if you like, share your thoughts and ideas about apology.
This is just to say unpicks the fabric of identities, reflecting on notions of cultural identity and the misuse of language.
‘The show is confident, mature and smooth, the content endearing and engaging. The audience leave hyper-aware of when they say sorry’. Total Theatre

Saturday 26th November – Don’t Tell Stories

4pm - Don’t Tell Stories creates original and imaginative writing workshops and happenings for thinkers, dreamers, chancers and charmers… Each drop-in workshop is themed and features short writing exercises, a look at contemporary & classic authors and opportunities for feedback in order to develop confidence, style, language, ideas & technique.

Plus more to be announced!

All events are available to book in person at the salon, online at or by calling the box office on 020 8831 6494

Address: 164 Heath Road, Twickenham, TW1 4BN (the former Nova Glass premises)
The salon is open Wednesday to Sunday (closed to the public on Thursdays for school workshops).
Normal opening hours are 1pm to 5pm (later for evening events)

Take a peek here for full details and updates.

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