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Masks, corsets and dark disguises at la Belle Epoque
Masks, corsets and dark disguises at la Belle Epoque

Ghoulish and glamorous, this Halloween Special in a breathtaking new venue will be an absinthe-tinted foray into a dark, dangerous and slightly depraved fantasy world of dazzling dancers, daring outfits and death defying feats.  Throughout the evening, guests marvel at the spectacular surroundings, inspired by the aerialists and trapeze artists as they twist and turn from the ceiling.

Reach into your inner desires and pull out a theme. Be it femme fatale or feisty fan dancer, a petticoat clad showgirl or a powdered Marie Antoinette. Gentlemen should aim for a devilishly dashing look, using masks, hats and disguises to create an air of mystique.

Saturday 29th October,
The Grand Hall,
Euston Road, London, WC1.
Aircraft Circus and Entertainment starts from 9pm.

Tickets are £20 and can be purchased here

For further details and dress code, go to

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