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Halloween vintage social: The Fox Presents… Don’t Dali With The Devil
Halloween vintage social: The Fox Presents… Don’t Dali With The Devil


A surreal extravaganza of a Halloween party in an exceedingly strange setting - The Fox Public House will be transformed into a scene straight from the mind of Salvador himself.

Created by:

Fleur de Guerre, Nicolas D. Ball, Emerald Fontaine, Michael Mansell


Albert Ball’s Flying Aces…Originally formed in 1916 by the aviators of 266 Squadron RFC, to relieve the stress and horror of their daily aerial dog-fights high above the trenches, this splendid 7-piece band plays early jazz and a repertoire of French, German, American and British songs of the time - music which epitomises the spirit of that lost generation.

Scandalous Poetry…Dirty verses will be read in a suitably sultry fashion by Tallulah Tempest and Emerald Fontaine, culminating in a special burlesque performance by Emerald herself.

MC Fruity Hatfield-Peverel…Our devilish DJ for the night will be playing a selection of spooky tunes and good old-fashioned dance band music, guaranteed to get your feet tapping.

Dress Code…Anything goes, as long as it’s peculiar and old-fashioned! Victorian Steampunks, WWI soldiers and aviators, Cabaret Voltaire performers, Dadaists, surreal artists & their muses, elegant & otherworldly creatures. Vintage outfits and uniforms from the 1920s to the 1960s are all welcome, as are weird and wonderful costumes from all eras. Just put some imagination into it!

There will be an upstairs smoking terrace and croquet court, so pipes, not-pipes, flamingos and lobster telephones are all welcome.

Cost: Tickets are £10 in advance - buy from or email to reserve a £10 ticket on the door. Unreserved door tickets will be £12.

Venue address: The Fox Public House, 28 Paul Street, Shoreditch, London, United Kingdom, EC2A 4LB

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