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All Aboard! Return to the Golden Age of Ocean Travel
All Aboard! Return to the Golden Age of Ocean Travel

All aboard the SS Atlantica! Leaving its dock on the Thames on Saturday 11th September, SS Atlantica will revive the elegance and splendour of the 1930s Ocean Liner.

For one night only, the beautifully art deco Silver Sturgeon - a luxury clipper - will be transformed into a luxury cruise liner circa 1931.

The evening’s entertainment follows an authentic 30’s ship itinerary; guests will be entertained by live bands, floorshows, casino tables, cabaret acts and dancing. The SS Atlantica will be a cocktails and champagne sodden foray into the glamour of yesteryear’s most luxurious forms of travel.

Dress Code: ‘At-Sea Formalwear’. Emulate the impeccable collars and silk and fur ensembles worn by Agatha Christie villains and stars of the silver screen.

When:  Saturday, September 11th

Sailing from: The Savoy Pier, London, WC2

Boarding time: 9pm

Docking time: 2am (earlier docking time available for the sea sick)

Permission to board: Tickets £15-20

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