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About MIEN Magazine

Why MIEN? (that’s pronounced meen, by the way, not mine)

People ask why we are called MIEN: The reason is that we really care about etiquette and demeanour…

And that, dear reader, is where the word comes from (in fact, it dates back to 1522 to be exact).

Mien describes a person’s demeanour and appearance - the way they come across to others. It’s about our public image and how we conduct ourselves, if you like.

So, what is MIEN Magazine?

MIEN Magazine = an online media space + collaborative social experiment + inspired by and dedication to etiquette + culture + style. It’s about how we live, and what matters about culture and social graces.

In MIEN Magazine, there will be many things: musings on social graces and customs, explorations of style, grooming and harmless, indulgent vanities, celebration of the written word and engaging imagery that so often accompanies it, devotion to romance, exploration of cultural differences, and the occasional subtle word pointing out the impolite and vulgar.

However, we don’t want you to think of MIEN Magazine as a court of criticism. Quite the opposite - we strive to share and engage, always maintaining a light-hearted approach. Our aim is to celebrate difference and delight in exploring the way we live, serving up tales of etiquette, style, romance, grooming, travel, work and social affairs.

MIEN Magazine’s ultimate desire is to explore social graces, embrace old customs (and perhaps challenge some from time to time) though a multitude of eyes and ears -  not to wag our fingers while declaring what’s right or wrong. We want to showcase different voices and cultural perspectives, and make this a unique and enlightening experience - thank you for joining.


MIEN Magazine